To the ones that lost…

Mother's Day is one of those days shrouded in warm fuzzy messages, marketing emails, endless ads telling you to get her this, get her that... it's in your face. And for the most part, it's great to take a moment to appreciate the superwomen that are the pillars in our lives; the ones that think … Continue reading To the ones that lost…


A Bend in the Road

Life. Life is funny. One moment you think you have it all and the next it comes crumbling down. Just ask anyone who's ever been involved in an accident. Or if you've experienced sickness. Or lost a loved one. Or a job, a marriage. You almost never see it coming. Life can throw you curveballs … Continue reading A Bend in the Road

The Monster called P.C.O.S.

If you've paid attention to my most recent Instagram posts, you'll probably notice that I almost always include the #PCOSAwareness hashtag in my captions. You may wonder, what exactly is this PCOS I keep talking about? I will tell you in a bit, but first, my story. My journey to womanhood - in the biological … Continue reading The Monster called P.C.O.S.

Dear Sunshine,

It was at this very spot that I discovered your existence. The two red lines gave me hope and joy that we were gonna have an awesome ride together, full of nausea, food aversions, cravings of fries, lots of sleep, and so many adjustments just to accommodate the one we love. When your Daddy found … Continue reading Dear Sunshine,