Dear Sunshine,

It was at this very spot that I discovered your existence. The two red lines gave me hope and joy that we were gonna have an awesome ride together, full of nausea, food aversions, cravings of fries, lots of sleep, and so many adjustments just to accommodate the one we love. When your Daddy found … Continue reading Dear Sunshine,


4 things no one tells you about marriage!

So let me ask, how is it being married? Being married young? Are you living your life? This is a question I often get from old and young folk alike. Mostly my peers. My answer has always been, it's great! But really, marriage is what you make it. Is it easy? Certainly not. But work, … Continue reading 4 things no one tells you about marriage!

24 and Married…

Facebook has done a very good job of reminding me that I always put something up on the eve of my birthdays. Guess I'll make it a "thing" πŸ™‚ Here we go... Growing up reading Cinderella stories and princessy fairy tales left many little girls like myself dreaming of a beautiful wedding day where my … Continue reading 24 and Married…

He knows my name

A beautiful song my one of my favorite artistes - Francesca Battistelli...It's been on my mind all day and I thought to share it with you. He knows your name...and He's all you need. Lyrics Spent today in a conversation In the mirror face to face with somebody less than perfect I wouldn't choose … Continue reading He knows my name